WHAT IS UP! My name is Rick Keizer, lead guitarist/singer/songwriter and founder of the Rugged Soul Project. 

As early as I can remember, I wanted to play guitar and write my own songs. I’d wear out Dads video tapes of his 1980s-band playing classic rock. Wanting to be just like them, I started out re-writing lyrics to existing songs, because I didn’t yet have the talent to write my own music. Dad got me started early on, and when I was 15, I started to teach myself how to play the guitar on his 1976 Black Fender Stratocaster. I would learn to play classic rock songs by Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, AC/DC, and Eric Clapton, with influences from Foreigner, Bread, Paul McCartney, and the list goes on and on. Over time, I finally found my identity as a blues/rock lead guitarist and songwriter. 

I grew up in the Bay Area, and played in bands while going to school in both California and Utah. I learned a lot playing in these bands with amazing musicians and song writers, recording an original album, and playing live shows big and small. After taking a few years off of the “band” thing, I decided to start the Rugged Soul Project by searching for and finding stellar musicians with exceptional character. Each member of this group brings unique sounds, extraordinary talents, and class attitudes to the table. I have a blast with all of them mastering our unique and creative sound which pulls from different walks of life. I am excited about the prospect of recording the new album, writing more music, and getting back to playing live shows! 

Thanks for checking in–and please check back with us to catch the new music! I look forward to getting the chance to share our music with you! 


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