The Rugged Soul Project includes the passions and talents of drummer Mark Carlson, bassist Bill Fuller, guitarist Tony Mader, and vocalist Elisa Arteaga.

Formed together in 2016, we have been learning and creating original material, as well as playing a wide variety of covers with our own unique spin. Each member greatly contributes to the unique sound and feel that this Project has developed into. Each original song is based on my personal life experiences, which we have attempted to radiate for people to enjoy, empathize with, and share with others who may also enjoy.

The main goal of this project is to help those from all walks of life channel the "Rugged" parts of their soul, to aspire to be better at the hard things, and embrace the unique and positive characteristics which define us as individuals.

We have spent the last year recording originals, have released our first original song and music video, and have several others either finished, or in the final stages of the recording process! We are rocking and rolling playing live shows for music lovers to enjoy! We hope to see you out there!