We are the Rugged Soul Project! We originally formed together in 2016 near Sacramento, California. In 2019 we released our first three original songs and music videos and released two more in 2020. 

Unfortunately, the events in 2020 and 2021 kept RSP from making the planned progress toward releasing and creating new music. This stalled the group's momentum and resulted in Rick putting the music on hold indefinitely. There is more music left to be released that was at/near completion when everything halted, and Rick hopes to be able to get to releasing those in the near future. Feel free to follow the band's social media pages to be notified when new music is finally released.

Check out our music videos on the right-hand side and download the songs for free at the bottom of the page. Subscribe to our YouTube page, and follow us on Facebook, ReverbNation, Instagram, and Twitter.

Rick was interviewed by Sonia Weaver, host of the 'Discover the Burbs' podcast. Check out the interview below.

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